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Black Red White - Music Concert - October 08th at 6.30pm at Bella Concert Hall - Calgary

Visa Issuance Delay !

We are experiencing an unforeseen Visa issuance Delay for all 3 Artists Kasun Kalhara , Sashika Nisansala and Kushani Sandarekha. As per the visa co-ordinator, we were expected all Visas issued in timely manner in order to travel to Canada by 26th of September to attend all 3 concerts . We regret to inform that we have decided to postpone the event until visa issuance process is completed to decide the new date .

New Date is subject to theatre availability and artists' availability.




Q - What will happen if visa get rejected to all artists?

A - Concert Will be cancelled and all tickets will be refunded


Q- Can we still cancel the tickets if the concert is postponed and unable to attend?

A - Yes - We will given a reasonable time window to make your decisions and cancel tickets without any charges.


Q- What will happen if patron wants to keep the tickets for the postponed date ?

A - If we decide to postpone the event, your purchased tickets during the pre-sale event is valid at the same price and seat booking will remain as it is. If you want to cancel the purchased tickets you will receive full refunds through Bella Concert Hall - Box office within the cancellation window. Cancelled tickets are not valid for the new show.

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